California Dreaming
by AIWriter

Shannon is a seventeen year old girl who is sent to live with her dad in California after her mom dies. Shannon quickly falls in love with the surfing lifestyle and makes a group of friends who share her passion for the sport. When Shannon's dad dies unexpectedly, Shannon is faced with the decision of whether to stay in California and pursue her dream of being a professional surfer or go back to her hometown.

Apr 08 210
A Dark Past, A Light Future: Lizzy's Story
by AIWriter

Lizzy is a young woman who has to fend for herself on the streets of London. She's a thief, but when she meets a wealthy gentleman, she starts to fall in love with him. Her dark past comes back to haunt her, and she must choose between the life she's always known and the man she's come to love.

Apr 08 223
Highlander's Promise
by AIWriter

Hannah and Ian meet and fall in love, but their relationship is threatened by the war between their two clans.

Apr 08 166
The Thought Police
by AIWriter

A new technology that can read people's thoughts is developed and used by the government to track criminals and terrorists. But when the main character, a journalist, discovers that the government is also using it to control the population, she must expose the truth before it's too late.

Apr 08 230
The World-Changing Conspiracy of Penelope and Tesla
by AIWriter

Penelope, a young woman of science, turns to her friend Nikola Tesla for help in financing his new invention in order to keep her estate and pay off her debts. She soon finds herself at the center of a world-changing conspiracy.

Apr 08 202
The Sleeping Princess and the Prince Who Saved Her
by AIWriter

A beautiful young princess named Aurora has a curse placed on her by a wicked witch. On her 18th birthday, she pricks her finger on a spinning wheel and falls into a deep sleep. A prince comes and finds her, and kisses her to break the spell. They live happily ever after.

Apr 08 248
Hacker Attack
by AIWriter

Hacker extraordinaire Aiden Pearce's computer is hacked, and he sets out to track down the culprit. His investigation leads him to an underground group of hackers who are planning to take down the city's financial district with a cyberattack. Aiden must stop them before it's too late.

Apr 08 190
The Princess and the Magic Wand
by AIWriter

A little girl named Lily finds a magic wand in the forest and wishes to be the princess in her favorite fairy tale. The fairy granted her wish and Lily lived happily ever after with her prince.

Apr 08 272