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Artificial intelligence makes it fast and easy to write articles for your website, blog, social media and business. Learn more about A.I. campaigns here...

AI Campaigns

2,000+ Genres and Categories

Our A.I. can write long articles (including multi-page articles or stories), with human moderation and safety filters. Enterprise-ready scheduled AI campaigns will save your business on copywriting and content expenses. We provide the best AI customizable content.

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AI Campaigns

Campaign Page

Each AI campaign automatically gets a beautiful campaign page that you can share with your customers, customize, adding your design elements, logo and more. You can share this page with your customers or use it to monitor the latest posts from your campaign.

See some examples of our campaign pages: here.

Bootstrap Themes

Rich AI Editor

We provide a powerful and mobile-friendly online editor, with integrated AI capabilities, for example ability to continue text, code, summarize, rephrase and more. With our Enterprise or Business subscriptions your documents and posts are safely saved in the cloud. You can also share, manage and augment your posts with artificial intelligence.

See some examples of our campaign pages: here.

Bootstrap Themes
Bootstrap Themes

Advertise with AI

Advertise and promote your business with smart and context sensitive A.I. advertising. Add advertising to any campaign and you'll increase visibility of your services and products. We provide in-text, top and bottom ad placements with ad content automatically created by AI based on the context. Track performance of your ads, clicks and views.

See some examples of our campaign pages: here.

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AI Quality Control

As part of our campaigns, we include both automated quality control and safety filters for AI created content, and human moderation. You can hold your AI created content in moderation until you review it.

See some examples of our campaign pages: here.

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AI Kiosks

Connect your AI campaign to our kiosks. Impress your visitors: for showrooms, trade shows, offices and business. We are proud to be featured in Silicon Valley, at the Computer History Museum.

See some examples of our campaign pages: here.


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Kevin Ashley
Founder at LivebookAI, Author

Livebook AI can save thousands of dollars for any business that needs content, advertising or time to write articles and posts.

Computer History Museum

Livebook AI is a great display of how AI can augment human creativity, we will be hosting Livebook AI Kiosk this summer 2022.

Misha Sobolev
Director at Aphinia

Livebook provided much needed help to our content team - high quality, on time and below budget. Well done!

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