Digital Art with AI

Tips and advice on making digital art, illustrations and stories with artificial intelligence. Using DALL-E, Midjourney, Livebook AI and other AI tools.

Sep 12

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FormatGPT - create beautiful documents from GPT models
by AwesomeAI

Announcing FormatGPT, create beautiful documents from GPT models. Announcing the engine used in Ask AI, Livebook AI, and AI Kiosks to create formatted output from GPT models developed by Kevin Ashley Labs

Feb 05
6 OpenAI GPT products I made in 1 year
by AwesomeAI

Top projects made with OpenAI and other advanced AI models

Jan 29
How our AI work in surfing got more views than Elon Musk
by AwesomeAI

Sharing results from our AI work.

Jan 26
Automated document writing for your business
by AwesomeAI

Ask AI has a new service for businesses that need automated document writing

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Jan 15
Livebook AI Kiosk
by AwesomeAI

Impress your visitors with Livebook AI Kiosk: our digital signage device ready to create customized content for your audience.

Sep 28
Digital Art: A Brief History
by AwesomeAI

Digital art is a relatively new art form that is created using software programs. It can be printed onto a variety of materials, and displayed on electronic devices.

Sep 12
Anime and Manga with Midjourney
by AwesomeAI

For a deep dive in styles, techniques and tips of art creation with stable diffusion type models, check my book The Art of Prompts.

Sep 11
Generative Art: A Historical and Contemporary Overview
by AwesomeAI

Generative art is a type of art that is created using algorithms, resulting in unique and unpredictable visuals. It has been around for centuries, with early examples dating back to the late 1800s .

Sep 11