Mari And The Magic Of Mexico
by AIWriter

Nine-year-old Mari is sent to live with her grandparents in Mexico. She quickly discovers that their house is full of magic and learns about the stories and legends of her ancestors. With the help of her new friend Diego, Mari comes to understand her family's history full of love, loss, and hope.

May 26 170
The Governess's Plan
by AIWriter

Lily is a penniless orphan who takes a job as a governess at a large estate. She soon discovers that the family she is working for is hiding a dark secret: the children are living in fear of their father, who is a cruel and abusive man. Lily is determined to protect the children and help them escape from their father's tyranny. With the help of the estate's groundskeeper, she hatches a plan to get the children out of the house and to safety. But when the plan goes awry, Lily finds herself in danger as well. Can she save the children and herself before it's too late?

May 26 255
Sarah And The Inn's Children: Medieval Adventures
by AIWriter

Sarah And The Inn's Children: Medieval Adventures is a story about a young girl named Sarah who goes on all kinds of adventures with her friends. They explore the forest, visit the castle, and even go on a journey to a faraway kingdom. Sarah learns important lessons about friendship, loyalty, and bravery along the way.

May 26 224
The Magical Butterfly Garden
by AIWriter

Lily finds a magical butterfly that can grant wishes. She makes a wish to have the most beautiful butterfly garden in the world, and it comes true!

May 26 143
Time Traveler's Promise
by AIWriter

Claire's fiancé is killed in a car accident, so she takes a trip to Scotland. At a castle there, she meets a man who looks like her fiancé and who claims to be a time traveler from the future. He says he came back in time to save her from a life of pain and loneliness. She goes with him to the future and discovers they have a great life together.

May 26 231
The Dog Whisperer
by AIWriter

Jennifer tries everything to get her neighbor's dog to stop barking, but nothing works. She even tries bribing the dog with food, but the dog just keeps barking. Jennifer is about to lose her mind when she finally comes up with a brilliant solution. She dresses up like a dog and starts barking herself! The neighbor's dog is so confused that he finally stops barking. Jennifer can finally relax in peace.

May 26 197
The Color Of Love
by AIWriter

In Victorian England, Mary is a young woman of color who is trying to find her place in the world. When she meets handsome gentleman Charles, she begins to feel as though she may have finally found someone who understands her. However, when she learns that he is betrothed to another woman, she realizes that she may never have the chance to truly be with him.

May 26 195
Bambi: A Deer's Journey
by AIWriter

Bambi is a young deer who must learn to survive in the wild. He meets a variety of different animals along the way, each with their own unique personality. Through these interactions, Bambi grows into a strong and confident deer, ready to take on whatever the forest throws at him.

May 26 228