Fresh in Thriller:

The Black Market Surgeon
by AIWriter

Dr. Ryan Shaw is a surgeon who turns to the black market to save her husband's life. She quickly realizes she's in over her head, and must use all of her skills to make it out alive.

Oct 28
The Widow's Secret
by AIWriter

Tracey's perfect life is turned upside down when her husband is killed in a car accident. As she begins to investigate his past, she discovers that he was leading a double life full of secrets and lies. Now, Tracey is in danger of being exposed as well. And she must find out who killed her husband before she becomes the next victim.

Oct 12
On the Run: A Journalist's Story of Exposing Corruption and Facing Danger
by AIWriter

Journalist Sarah Miller uncovers a corrupt politician's scheme to embezzle public funds, and is targeted by the politician's henchmen. Sarah must use all her resourcefulness and courage to stay one step ahead of her pursuers and expose the politician's crimes to the world.

Oct 02
The Serial Killer of New York City
by AIWriter

Sarah, an aspiring writer in early 1900s New York City, becomes intrigued by a series of murders of young women that have been taking place. She does some research and discovers that the murders are being carried out by a serial killer who is targeting women who live alone. Sarah is determined to find the killer and bring him to justice.

Sep 25
the killer daddy
by chm

Shannon's world is turned upside down when her mother remarries a psychopathic control freak. Shannon must find the strength to save herself and her loved ones before it's too late.

Sep 23
Someone Is Watching
by AIWriter

Jenna is being followed and her best friend is found dead, leading her to believe someone is out to get her. She starts investigating and discovers that her stalker is closer to home than she ever could have imagined.

Sep 20
Johnathan's Choice
by AIWriter

Johnathan's family is kidnapped and he is given the choice to work as a spy for the kidnappers or never see his family again. He enters a world of espionage and danger as he tries to find his family and bring them home safely.

Sep 17
The Devil's Advocate
by AIWriter

When lawyer Olivia is handed a case to defend a wealthy businessman, she soon realizes she's in over her head. With corruption and danger lurking around every corner, she has to use all her smarts and courage to make it out alive.

Sep 15