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Princess and Frog Fairy Tale
by AIWriter

The inquiry is focused on the fairy tale of the Princess and the Frog.

Nov 15
the saddest disabled orphan
by chm

Nina is a young girl with the ability to turn invisible. She uses her power to help others, and becomes a superhero!

Nov 06
Trip to Mountain View
by chm

Jasmine, a kind and beautiful princess, is kidnapped by a dragon but uses her wisdom and kindness to convince the dragon to let her go. She lives happily ever after with her loving parents.

Nov 05
the baby and the gorilla
by chm

Lizzy discovers a secret garden with friendly animals and a magical key that opens up a new world. She must use her wits and courage to find her way back home.

Oct 25
Tinkerbell: A Fairy in the Family
by AIWriter

The family in this story has a new baby, who is a fairy. They help her learn to fly and deal with her mischievous ways. In the end, they all love her very much.

Oct 24
Lily and the Cursed Prince
by AIWriter

A beautiful woman named Lily is cursed by a wicked witch and forced to live in a dark castle in the middle of a forest. She falls in love with a handsome prince who promises to find a way to break the curse. He eventually does and they live happily ever after.

Oct 23
Nadia and the Dragon Queen
by AIWriter

Nadia turns into a dragon and with the help of her friends, she defeats the evil queen.

Oct 21
The Tale Of Yusuf Gohar
by chm

A beautiful princess named Aurora is cursed by an evil fairy and falls into a deep sleep. A handsome prince comes and kisses her, and she wakes up and lives happily ever after.

Oct 20