Fresh in Action:

Alone in the Wasteland
by AIWriter

A man is the only survivor in a world that has ended. He must find a way to survive in the wasteland that is left behind.

Sep 22
Alone and Desperate: A Mother's Story of Survival
by AIWriter

Emily's husband dies in an accident, leaving her to raise their young son alone. Desperate to provide for her family, Emily turns to a life of crime. She quickly finds herself pursued by the police, but is determined to make it out alive for her son's sake.

Aug 30
Scout and the Resistance
by AIWriter

When Scout is transported to a parallel world, she must team up with a group of resistance fighters to save the day. She learns that courage and hope are the most powerful weapons of all.

Aug 27
by chm

Social interactions are vitally important for our growth and development. Our brain is hardwired for social interaction, and our emotions play a big role in how we interact with others. Social interaction can have a profound impact on our health and well-being, and we can use it to build positive relationships, improve our mental and emotional health, and make positive changes in our lives.

Aug 19
Kiana and the Pirates
by AIWriter

Kiana and Lono are taken hostage by pirates, but they escape and warn the villagers of the captain's plans. The villagers prepare for battle and are able to defeat the pirates. K iana and Lono are hailed as heroes.

Aug 18
The Last Woman Standing
by scifi

Sarah is the last woman standing after the apocalypse. She sets out to find out what caused the world to end, and along the way, meets other survivors. Together, they try to piece together the puzzle, but time is running out. Sarah will have to fight for her life if she wants to find the answers she's looking for.

Aug 14
Indiana Jones Transistor
by chm

Sarah's parents are killed, and she sets out to find the culprit. Along the way, she makes allies and enemies, and discovers the truth about her parents' killers. Sarah is a fierce fighter who will stop at nothing to get justice.

Aug 06
Liza and the Lost City
by AIWriter

Liza sets out to find a lost city deep in the jungle, overcoming obstacles and making new friends along the way.

Aug 04