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by jrhurb

Sophie discovers a secret door in her house that leads to a magical land. She meets a friendly fairy who can grant her wishes. Sophie makes a wish for a new toy, but it's not what she wanted. She has to figure out how to fix her mistake before it's too late.

Aug 17
Baobab tree
by jrhurb

The townspeople are turned into tree-like creatures by the Forest Spirit after the last tree in the forest is cut down. Only the townspeople's children are spared. The town speople's children must find the last tree in the Forest and plant it, in order to break the curse.

Aug 12
Industrial IoT
by jrhurb

The industrial internet of things (IoT) refers to the network of physical objects connected to the internet that can collect and exchange data. IoT enables companies to have real-time visibility into their operations, make better decisions and improve efficiency. Devices that are part of IoT can range from simple sensors to complex machines and vehicles.

Jul 31
The Evolution of VoIP
by jrhurb

VoIP is a technology that allows users to make telephone calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a traditional telephone line. VoIP can be used for both landline and mobile phone calls, and calls are typically cheaper than traditional phone calls. VoIP technology is constantly evolving, with new features and capabilities being added all the time.

Jul 26
Big wave surf
by jrhurb

Goldie finds a magic key that unlocks a door to a secret garden. Inside, she meets a friendly dragon who helps her plant a garden. With a little help from her new friend, Goldie's garden quickly grows and flourishes.

Jul 26
The blue frog
by jrhurb

Lizzy's parents go out for the night, so she has to stay home with her babysitter. Lizzy gets bored and decides to sneak out to explore the neighborhood. She has so much fun that she doesn't realize it's getting late. When her parents come home, they're worried when they can't find her. But Lizzy is safe and sound.

Jul 25