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The Weapon of War
by AIWriter

In the year 2300, the galaxy is in peril. The evil empire of Zalcon has taken over most of the galaxy, enslaving all who oppose them. Only a few small pockets of

Mar 26
Moving On
by AIWriter

Billie is in a coma for a year and when she wakes up, she finds out that her fiance has moved on and is now married to her best friend. She starts working at a homeless shelter

Mar 26
Defend the Galaxy: A Human Race to Save the Future
by AIWriter

In the future, humans have colonized the stars and spread throughout the galaxy. However, a new alien threat has emerged that is bent on destroying humanity. The human race must come together to find a

Mar 26
David Flight Struggles
by AIWriter

David is a commercial airline pilot who has always wanted to fly. One day, while on a flight from Sydney to Los Angeles, the plane's engine start to malfunction and he crashes into a field outside

Mar 26
Clara and Max's Snowy Adventure: A Tale of Family,
by AIWriter

Clara and Max set out to find the city in the middle of a big snowstorm, but end up finding their parents who were being questioned by the police after a bank robbery.

Mar 26
Falling in Love
by AIWriter

Linda is a 27-year-old woman who has always been fascinated by the world of computers. When she was just a child, she would often spend hours tinkering with her family's desktop PC, learning everything she could about how it worked.

Mar 26
Lily's New Friend: A Novel
by AIWriter

Lily is a writer who moves to the country and becomes friends with a young girl. The girl's parents invite her to visit them in their new home, and give her an envelope with money for travel expenses.

Mar 26
The Triumphant Tale of a Woman's Business Success
by AIWriter

The excerpt tells the story of a woman who opens her own business and struggles in the beginning, but eventually finds success. The woman is determined to make her business bigger and better, so that she can continue providing for her loved ones.

Mar 25