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Shannon and the Wolf Pack

Shannon is unhappy when her family moves from the city to a remote cabin in the woods, but she soon becomes friends with a wild wolf pack living nearby.

The Wolves of Shannon's Woods

Shannon and her family move to a remote cabin in the woods, where Shannon quickly befriends a pack of wolves. When her little sister is kidnapped by hunters, Shannon and the wolves must risking everything to save her.

Willow: The Wolf Who Went Back to the Human World

Willow is an 8 year old girl who is orphaned when her parents are killed in a hunter's trap. She is taken in by a pack of wolves who raise her as one of their own. Willow grows up learning how to hunt and survive in the wild. She also learns about the dangers that humans pose to wolves and other animals. When she is old enough, Willow decides to go back to the human world to warn them about the dangers of hunting and trapping animals.

Scout and Little Hawk's Wolf Adventure

When Scout moves to a remote ranch in Wyoming, she finds a wolf pup abandoned in the woods. With the help of her new friend Little Hawk, she sets out to find the pup's mother and bring the family back together. Along the way, Scout learns about the strength of family, the importance of tradition, and the power of nature.

The Battle To Save Blue

When Scout moves to Alaska to live with her grandparents, she quickly becomes caught up in a battle to save the last remaining pack of wild wolves. With the help of her grandfather, Scout sets out to find a way to stop the hunters and save Blue and her pack before it's too late.

Lily And The Wolves

Lily befriends a wolf cub that she names Wren, but when he grows up and has his own cubs, he disappears into the woods again.