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Valentine'S Day

A Perfect Valentine's Day

Single mother Lily and her seven year old daughter Daisy spend Valentine's Day together making homemade valentines, picking out a present for Daisy's father, and having a cozy dinner at home. It's a special day that reminds them both of how much they are loved.

Nina's Valentine's Day Surprise

Nina is a hopeless romantic who has been crushing on her classmate Alex for years. Every Valentine's Day, she gets her hopes up that he will finally notice her, but he never does . This year, she decides to take matters into her own hands and finally tell him how she feels. But when she finally works up the courage to do it, she finds out that he already has a girlfriend. Heartbroken, she decides to give up on love entirely. But then, on the most unlikely of days, Valentine's Day, she runs into Alex again. This time, he's alone, and he seems to be interested in her too. Could it be that her dreams of finally being with him are about to come true?

The Valentine's Day Present

Shannon's parents are getting a divorce, and she's convinced it's her fault. She sets out to find the perfect Valentine's Day present for each of them in an effort to make them fall back in love. With the help of her best friend, Shannon learns that love is sometimes messy, but always worth fighting for.

Lily's Valentine's Day Surprise

Lily is disappointed when she doesn't receive any valentines at school, but she's surprised and thrilled when she finds a special one waiting for her at home.

Valentine's Day Disaster: A Hannah Mystery

Hannah finds a box of chocolates on her doorstep with a note that says "Be My Valentine." She has no idea who left it there, but she decides to enjoy the ch ocolates anyway. As she eats them, she starts to feel dizzy and nauseous. She soon realizes that the chocolates were laced with drugs and she has been drugged. She tries to call for help, but she can't speak or move. She is completely paralyzed. She can only watch as a masked figure comes into her house and starts to ransack it. She knows that she is going to die unless she can figure out who left her the chocolates and why.

Max and Lily: A Valentine's Day Story

Max is the new kid at school, and he's feeling down on Valentine's Day because he doesn't have any friends. He sees Lily, the most popular girl in school, and falls in love with her instantly. He writes her a love letter, but she just laughs and walks away. Max keeps writing love letters to Lily, even though she never responds. Finally, on Valentine's Day, Lily comes up to Max and gives him a card. She says she's been getting his letters, and she's fallen in love with him too. They share their first kiss, and Max knows that this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

The Girl Who Won Jake Back

A girl's Valentine's Day date with her crush, Jake, is ruined when she discovers he's brought his ex-girlfriend along. The girl is determined to win Jake back, and she eventually does, proving that she's the one for him.