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Grounded in Alaska

Sam is a thirteen year old girl who is sent to live with her grandparents in Alaska after her parents die in a plane crash. Sam is a gifted pilot and wants to enter a flying competition , but her grandfather won't let her fly. With the help of her new friends, Sam must find a way to get her grandfather to let her fly again.

Andy's Great Adventure

Andy's Great Adventure is the story of a thirteen year old boy who is transported back in time to the days of the great steam locomotives when he sets up a model train set. He must use all his ingenuity and courage to find his way back to the present day.

The Mystery of the Crash

When Amelia's parents are killed in a plane crash, she is determined to learn to fly and discover what happened. With the help of a friend, she starts to investigate the crash. As she gets closer to the truth, Amelia realizes she may not be ready to face what happened.

Safe and Sound: A Father-Daughter Fishing Adventure

Lizzy and her father go on a fishing adventure, but when a storm hits, they must use their boat to navigate their way back to shore. With the help of their trusty boat , they make it back safe and sound.

Ghost Rider

Thirteen-year-old Jack gets his first motorcycle and is excited to hit the open road, but quickly realizes he's not alone on the bike. There's a ghost riding shotgun, and she 's not happy about being there. The ghost, a girl named Sarah, is determined to find out why she's stuck with Jack and how to move on to the other side. As they race across the country, Sarah and Jack will have to face their fears - and each other - if they want to find answers.

Lily and the Desert Island

Lily loves spending time on her grandpa's boat, but one day they get stranded on a deserted island during a storm. Lily is scared at first, but she soon learns that there is nothing to be afraid of. With the help of her grandpa, she builds a shelter and starts a fire. They spend the next few days exploring the island and fishing for food. Lily is sad to leave when the time comes, but she knows she will always have the memories of her time on the desert island.

The Stormy Night Stranded on a Boat

When a sudden storm hits while Luke and his grandpa are out fishing, they're forced to spend the night stranded on their boat. As the waves crash around them and the storm rages on, Luke must find the courage to keep himself and his grandpa safe until morning comes.

Boat in a Storm: A Story of Survival

Jake and his father are stranded on a small island after a storm, and Jake must find a way to get help. With the help of his boat, Jake sets off in search of help , but will he be able to find it before the storm destroys everything?