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Hazy Hallways

Linda is a mother of two who takes a job as a nanny for a wealthy family. She soon realizes that the family is strange and the children are behaving oddly. Linda starts to suspect that the family is involved in something sinister and she may be in danger. She must find a way to escape before it's too late.

The Trail of Disappearances

Shannon's father goes missing, and she sets out to find him. She follows his trail to a small town in upstate New York and discovers he was investigating a series of disappearances . With the help of the local sheriff, she sets out to uncover the truth, but the closer she gets, the more dangerous it becomes.

Shannon's Search for the Truth

Shannon's parents die in an accident, but she suspects foul play. Her search for the truth leads her to a small town where she discovers they were part of a cult. With help from new friends , she sets out to uncover the cult's secrets, but the closer she gets, the more danger she's in.

Samantha's Search for her Sister

Samantha's sister goes missing and she frantically searches for her, finally finding a clue that she may be in trouble. She races against the clock to save her.

Aug 29
Danger in the Big City

Shannon takes a job as a nanny for a wealthy family in New York City, but quickly realizes that something is not right in the home. The children are neglected and Shannon is constantly on edge, fearing for her safety. When she finally confronts the parents, she discovers that they are using the children as a cover for their illegal activities. Shannon is caught in the middle of a dangerous situation, but she is determined to protect the children and get them out of the home safely.

Aug 28
The Forest of Powers

Abbey's husband was involved in a government experiment that went wrong, leaving him with terrifying powers. Now the government is after him, and Abbey must use her own powers to find him first . But she is not the only one with powers, and the woods are full of danger.

The Stranger in the Cabin

Liz is a writer who goes to a remote cabin in the woods to get away from her busy life and find inspiration for her next book. She meets a handsome stranger there who she is immediately drawn to, but she starts to suspect that he is hiding a dark secret.

Jenna's Weekend Getaway Turns Into a Nightmare

Jenna is looking forward to her weekend, but it quickly turns into a nightmare when she's kidnapped by unknown assailants. Jenna is taken to a remote location and held captive, but she eventually uses her ingenuity and courage to escape and find her way back home.