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Lena's Boring Story

Lena is a young girl who loves to write stories. One day, she shares one of her stories with her classmates, but she realizes it is quite boring. She is embarrassed, but her teacher tells her it is okay to be different. Lena learns that she should always be true to herself.

Jenny's Big Chance

Jenny is a young girl with a beautiful voice who dreams of becoming a famous singer. Her dream comes true when she is invited to audition for a major music label. Jenny is so excited and nervous at the same time. She doesn't want to mess up her big chance. Jenny gives it her all and impresses the judges. She is offered a record deal on the spot. Jenny is on her way to becoming a famous singer.

New Beginnings: Shannon's Story

Shannon is hesitant to move when she learns her family is relocating, but she's excited to attend a school for gifted students. Shannon quickly realizes she has a lot to offer her new classmates and makes lasting relationships.

Mia and Jake's Great Adventures

Mia and Jake are best friends who go on lots of adventures together. But when Jake gets sick, Mia realizes that she might not be able to save him.

Nia's Lost City Adventure

Nia, an African American girl, writes a story about a young girl's adventure to find a lost city. She is excited to share her story with her friends, who she knows will enjoy hearing about the different cultures she encountered along the way.

Grand adventure

Shannon is initially reluctant to move away from her childhood home and friends, but her perspective changes when she learns her grandmother will be coming with them. Shannon is excited to have more time with her grandmother and looks forward to the new adventure.