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The Steampunk Adventures of Scout Finch

Scout Finch and her family move to New York City, where she quickly becomes embroiled in a steampunk adventure. With the help of her new friend Levi, Scout must use her wits and courage to stop the evil forces that are trying to take over the city.

The Last Hope: A Time Travel Story

A group of scientists build a time machine to send one person back in time to stop the world from ending. Sarah, a scientist and the daughter of one of the engineers, is chosen to go back in time. She has to find a way to save humanity before it's too late.

The Great Race: Ada Lovelace and the Steampunk Machine

In a steampunk world, Ada Lovelace is the greatest mind of her generation. She is recruited by a secret society to build a machine that can change the world, but she must race against time to finish it before it falls into the wrong hands.

The Stranger's Secrets

In a steampunk world, a young woman named Ada escapes her small town and joins a group of adventurers when a mysterious stranger arrives. She quickly discovers that the stranger is not who he seems , and she must stop him from destroying the world she knows.

Jules and Ada's Steampunk Adventure

Inventor Jules races against time to find the source of his inventions' problems before his reputation is ruined. With the help of his assistant Ada, Jules must navigate the dangerous world of politics and intrigue to uncover the truth and save his inventions.

The Girl Who Could Walk on Air

Piper McCloud discovers she can walk on air and uses her new power to help her family and friends. But when she tries to use her power for good, she quickly discovers that not everyone wants to be helped. With the help of her friend Jack, Piper must find a way to use her power for good, before it destroys her family, her friends, and her whole world.

The Steampunk Universe

In a steampunk world where time travel is possible, Penelope discovers she can also travel through space. She meets a man from another planet who shares her ability, and together they explore the universe, encountering strange and wonderful worlds.

Jules Verne's Time Machine

Jules Verne and her friend Victor travel back in time to the Victorian era using a time machine. They meet Ada Lovelace, who is working on a computer. Jules and Victor must prevent Lovelace from making a mistake that will change the course of history.