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Andy and the Great White Shark

Andy and her friends go to surfing camp, where they meet a great white shark. Andy must use her surfing skills to try to stop the shark before it hurts anyone. With the help of her friends, Andy sets out to catch the shark.

Timmy's New Team

Timmy is a young boy who is reluctant to move to a new town, but he changes his perspective when he learns that he will get to play on a real baseball team. Timmy quickly learns that baseball is about more than just winning, and he excels at the game.

Tommy's Basketball Dream

Tommy's mom dies and he is sent to live with his dad, a professional basketball player. His step-mom is not very nice and does not allow him to play basketball, but his dad does. He starts playing on a local team and his dad comes to watch him play.

The Blue Wave's Winning Streak

The Blue Wave soccer team is on a five-game winning streak, and their next opponent is the undefeated Red Storm. The Blue Wave is led by striker Alexia Sanchez, who has been on a hot streak lately, scoring in each of the last five games. The game is a battle from start to finish, and neither team can gain an advantage. In the final minute, Alexia Sanchez strikes again, and the Blue Wave win 1-0.

Lance Armstrong's Incredible Journey

Lance Armstrong was diagnosed with cancer and given a slim chance of survival, but he beat the disease and went on to win the Tour de France seven times. This is the story of his incredible journey.

The Karate Kid of Her School

Nine-year-old Anya is reluctant to start over at a new school, but she changes her mind when she learns the school has a karate program. Anya quickly becomes one of the top students and earns the respect of her classmates.

The Big Snowboarding Race

Mark sets out to learn how to snowboard so he can compete in a big race. With the help of his friend Sarah, he learns the ropes quickly and takes a big risk just before the finish line.

Hockey Hero: The Tyler Swanson Story

When thirteen year old hockey player Tyler Swanson is drafted into the NHL, he has to leave his small town behind. He joins a team of young, talented players and quickly becomes one of the best players in the league, but starts to miss his old life. His coach sits him down and tells him that he needs to decide what is more important to him, his home or his hockey career . Tyler realizes that he loves hockey more than anything and decides to stay with his team. He leads them to the Stanley Cup championship and is hailed as a hero.