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The Star Player

Thirteen year old Jeremy Wheeler joins his new town's basketball team in an effort to make friends and fit in, but discovers that his teammates are a bunch of hotshots who think they're better than everyone else and exclude him. With hard work and dedication, Jeremy becomes the star player of the team, leading them to the state championships and finally earning the respect of his teammates.

Wrestling with Fear

Chris is a high school wrestler who starts to doubt himself as the season progresses. He starts to lose matches and his friends and family try to encourage him. Finally, he has to face his fears and give it everything he has. He comes out of the state tournament as the champion.

Skiing the Slopes of Aspen

JJ Johnson falls during a ski race but is determined to get back up and finish the course. With the help of her coach, she overcomes her fears and completes the race.


Eleven-year-old Tommy's life is turned upside down when his dad dies unexpectedly. Tommy takes it upon himself to learn how to play baseball and join his local Little League team in order to make his dad proud. Though he's not the best player, Tommy's determination and love for the game help him lead his team to the championship game.

Tommy and Jake's Little Sister

Tommy and Jake are excited to play in their baseball game, but they realize their team is one player short. They ask Tommy's little sister, Emily, to fill in and teach her the basics. She does well and their team ends up winning the game.

Shannon's Skate Park Showdown

Shannon and her friends come up with a plan to save their local skate park from being torn down. They have one month to raise the money needed to keep the park open, and they 're determined to fight for it.

The Westville Wildcats: A Comeback Story

The Westville Wildcats are having a tough season, but they're determined to make a comeback. With the help of their new coach, they start to turn things around. But when they play their arch rivals, the Eastville Eagles, they have to give it their all to win.

The Road to the Tour

Jake is initially reluctant to join his local junior development cycling team, but he soon warms up to the sport and becomes one of the team's top riders. He trains hard and starts to dream of racing in the Tour de France one day.