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Eliza Fraser: A Scottish Romance

Eliza Fraser is a young woman caught in the middle of the conflict between Scotland and England. She is in love with a Scottish Highlander, but her family is loyal to the English Crown. When Eliza is forced to choose between her heart and her duty, she must decide what is more important: love or country.

Nov 24
The Lady and the Laird

Lady Margaret MacDougall's life changes when her father dies and she's left with a rundown castle in the Scottish Highlands. She has no choice but to marry Laird Ian Campbell, a man with a dark past. As they get to know each other, Margaret starts to fall in love with Ian, but she's not sure if she can trust him. When she discovers his secret, she has to decide if she can forgive him and learn to love him for who he is.

Oct 17
Clan Wars: A Highland Romance

Lady Fiona of the Clan McLeod is betrothed to the son of a rival clan, but she can't help but be drawn to the wild and rugged highlander, Jamie Fraser. Jamie is a rebel and doesn't want to be part of the clan wars, but when he meets Fiona, he can't help but be drawn to her. Can these two star-crossed lovers find a way to be together?

Sep 12
Love and War in the Highlands

Duncan Cameron, a Scottish laird, falls in love with Olivia Somerset, an Englishwoman, who has come to the Highlands to marry her betrothed. However, when her fiance is killed in a clan feud, Olivia is left alone and vulnerable. Duncan steps in to protect her, and they soon find themselves falling in love. But with the war between the Scots and the English raging on, can their love survive?

Aug 28
Fiona's Highland Escape

Fiona is a Highland lass who takes a job as a maid at a local estate. She soon discovers that the owner, Laird Malcolm, is a cruel man, and she is determined to escape. When she falls in love with Malcolm's son, she finds herself caught in a web of desire and deceit. Can she find a way to break free and create a new future for herself?

Aug 18
The Duke of Rothsburgh's Widow

Fiona is left alone in the world after her parents die. She has no one to turn to but the Duke of Rothsburgh, who offers to marry her. Fiona knows it's a marriage of convenience, but she falls in love with him anyway. Tragedy strikes and Fiona is left widowed, but she has the memories of her time with the Duke to sustain her.

Jul 20
Choosing Between Clan and Love

Fiona MacLeod's parents are killed in a Highland raid, and she is sent to live with their enemies, the MacLeods. Fiona falls in love with Ewan MacLeod, the clan's chieftain, and she must choose between her love for him and her loyalty to her clan.

May 01