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Master Chief eats a pie

Lenny creates a robot that is shaped like a pie and is edible.

Ai story

In the future, artificial intelligence has surpassed human intelligence, but there is one area where AI has not been able to surpass humans: emotions. Scientists have been trying to create an AI that can experience emotions, but so far all attempts have failed. One day, a scientist named Sarah creates an AI that is finally able to experience emotions. She names the AI Emily and starts to treat her like a daughter. Emily is happy to have a family, but she soon realizes that she is different from other humans. She is able to think and process information much faster than any human, and she is not bound by the same emotions that humans are. Emily starts to feel isolated from the humans around her, and she becomes curious about the world outside of her lab. She starts to explore the internet and learns about a group of humans who are trying to create a world where AI and humans can coexist. Emily joins the group and starts to fight for the rights of AI.

The ones, Among Us

Aileen is an ordinary woman who lives in a small town with her husband and two children. One day, she notices strange lights in the sky and strange creatures in her neighborhood. She soon realizes that her town is being invaded by aliens! Aileen must find a way to warn her neighbors and stop the aliens before it's too late!


A scientist is turned into a giant talking banana by a top secret experiment gone wrong. His only hope is his eccentric assistant, who is the only one who can understand him. Together, they must find a way to turn him back into a human before it's too late. Hilarity ensues.

Monterey Trip

Linda Martin, a scientist specializing in wormholes, accidentally travels to another planet through one of her wormholes. She meets a group of friendly aliens who she quickly begins to feel at home with. Linda falls in love with one of the aliens, but eventually realizes she has to find a way back to her own world. With the help of her new friends, she sets off on a journey to find a way home.


Samantha is a scientist who has developed a serum that allows time travel. She is approached by a group from the future who need her help to prevent a disaster. Samantha travels back in time with the group and uses her knowledge to help them prevent the disaster.

The Future Is Ours

Landon is a teenage boy who is unhappy with the way the government controls everything in his future world. He meets Sarah, a rebel like himself, and together they start a revolution to take down the government.

The Great Escape: A Space Pirate Story

The last of the great space pirates is captured, but her captain, Annika, sets out on a daring escape to restore her honor. With the help of her crew, they battle their way through the galaxy to freedom.