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Andy's Great Adventure

Andy's Great Adventure is the story of a thirteen year old boy who is transported back in time to the days of the great steam locomotives when he sets up a model train set. He must use all his ingenuity and courage to find his way back to the present day.

Timmy and the Old Steam Engine

Timmy is a young boy who loves trains. He befriends an engineer and gets to ride on a beautiful old steam engine. Timmy has a great time travelling on the train across the country.

Billy's Train Adventure

Billy's parents are going on vacation and he's staying with his grandpa. When he finds out his grandpa is going on a train trip across the country without him, he's crushed. He comes up with a plan to convince his grandpa to let him come along and it just might work.

Thomas and the Train

Thomas disobeys his mother and explores an abandoned train car, but gets locked inside. His mother comes to the rescue and Thomas learns his lesson.

Shannon And The Train Station

Shannon's father dies, leaving her to run the family's small town railway station. The big city railroad company tries to take over the station, but Shannon fights to keep her home. With the help of her friends, Shannon sets out to save the station and keep the town's spirit alive.

TomáS And The Train Station

Tomás learns that his family is moving and discovers the best thing about his new home is the old abandoned train station. He imagines himself as the conductor of a locomotive but when he learns the

Shannon's Train Adventures

Shannon is excited to move to a house near a train station after learning that she might get to see a real live steam engine. She imagines all the adventures she'll have with her new friends, the conductors.

The Train Station Adventure

Shannon is reluctant to move until she learns her bedroom window will overlook a train station. She then imagines all the adventures she'll have with her new friends, the people she'll meet, and the places she'll go by train.