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Thumper's Tales

Lizzy finds and rescues an injured rabbit, who she names Thumper. Thumper can talk and tells Lizzy stories about his life in the wild. Lizzy is thrilled to have such a special friend.

The Great Egg Adventure

Lulu the rabbit takes it upon herself to save her family's farm when she discovers it is in financial trouble. She enlists the help of her animal friends and together they hatch a plan to sell eggs from the farm's chickens. With some hard work and a little luck, they are able to turn the farm around and keep it in the family.

Thumper and Bambi: The rabbits who learned it's okay to be different

Thumper the rabbit is born different from all the other rabbits in his litter - he is brown while they are all gray. His mother tells him this is because he is special and born to be different . Thumper meets Bambi, a white rabbit with blue eyes, and they become friends. They learn that it's okay to be different.

The Curious Case of the Blue Rabbit

Max, a curious rabbit, befriends a shy blue rabbit named Blue and they have many adventures together.

Hutch the Hare's Adventure

In Hutch the Hare's Adventure, Hutch is a young hare who sets out to rescue his best friend, Clover, when she is captured by hunters. Along the way, he meets a variety of animals who help him on his quest. Ultimately, he is successful in rescuing Clover and the two return to the forest safe and sound.

Hazel's Adventures: A Story Of A Young Rabbit's Journey

Hazel is a young rabbit who loves adventures. She leaves her family's warren to explore the world and has many exciting experiences. In the end, she returns home, but she knows that she'll always have a place in her heart for adventure.

Looking For A Home

Lizzy finds a baby rabbit and sets out to find it a home, learning about responsibility and friendship along the way.

Lizzy And The Rabbit

Lizzy finds a wounded rabbit in her backyard and takes it upon herself to care for it. With help from her parents, she sets up a hospital in the garage and does everything she can to save the rabbit's life. Lizzy learns the importance of responsibility, empathy, and hope through the ups and downs of caring for a sick animal.