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Pre-Confederation (To 1867)

Wenebojo and the Wolf

Wenebojo, a thirteen year old Oji-Cree girl, is separated from her family during a winter storm. She sets out to find her way home, with the help of a wild wolf cub.

Johnnie McLeod's Great Adventure

When eight-year-old Johnnie McLeod sets out on a cross-country adventure with his family, he quickly learns the importance of family, friendship, and always being true to yourself when he becomes the one to save the day.

The Girl from Ireland: A Story of Friendship and Discovery in Early Canada

Shannon, a girl from Ireland, is forced to move to Canada with her mother and sister. She meets a girl named Sarah who shows her the beauty of the Canadian wilderness. Together, the girls explore the forests and rivers, and learn about the history of the First Nations people who live in the area. Shannon comes to appreciate the natural wonders of Canada and the strength of the human spirit.

The Red River Rebellion: A Métis Girl's Story

When the Red River Rebellion breaks out, eight-year-old Marguerite and her family are forced to flee their home in the Settlement. They start a new life in Saskatchewan, where Marguerite is brave and determined to make the best of it.

First Through the Canadian Rockies

John MacDonald and his friends embark on a canoe trip through the Canadian Rockies, becoming some of the first people to ever see the majestic landscape. Despite facing many dangers along the way, they ultimately make it to safety and return home with stories of their adventure.

Catherine's Journey

Catherine is an 11-year-old Métis girl living on a farm near the Red River in Manitoba in 1854. Her life changes forever when settlers from Canada arrive and her father is killed in a confrontation. Her family is forced to flee to a Métis settlement in present-day Saskatchewan, where they start over. But even in this new home, the threat of the settlers looms large. Catherine must find a way to protect her family and her way of life.

The Patriot And The Loyalist

John Wesley is a thirteen-year-old boy living in British North America on the eve of the Revolutionary War. His father is a Loyalist, and John knows that their allegiance to the Crown could cost them everything. But when he meets a young Patriot girl named Liberty, John begins to question which side he should be on. With the future of the colonies hanging in the balance, John must decide where his loyalty lies.