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The Viral Video Kids

Scout and her best friend Ryan start making movies together and become a YouTube sensation. But when Scout's parents find out, they want her to stop. Scout must decide whether to follow her dreams or please her parents.

Mia's Dancing Dream

Mia is a young girl who loves to dance. She takes classes at a local dance studio and quickly becomes the best dancer in her class. Her teacher, Mrs. Nguyen, enters her in a prestigious dance competition. Mia is nervous but excited to compete. She works hard and gives it her all, and she ends up winning first place!

Mia's Big Ballet Adventure

Mia is a young girl who loves to dance and is very good at it. She gets a chance to audition for a role in a major ballet production and gets the part. She is excited to be a part of the show and to perform on stage.

The Great Broadway Musical Chase

Shannon is a 12-year-old musical theater fan who is thrilled to learn that her favorite movie is being adapted into a Broadway musical. Despite her parents' objections, Shannon sets out to audition for the lead role. When she gets stage fright, Shannon begins to doubt her talent. With the help of her best friend, Shannon decides to give it one more shot.

The Girl Who Became Annie

Shannon is thrilled to be cast as the lead in her school's production of "Annie." But as she begins to rehearse, she starts to realize that the part may be a little too big for her. With the help of her friends and family, Shannon learns that it's okay to be scared, and that with a little hard work and determination, she can do anything she sets her mind to.

"Romeo and Juliet: The Scout Chronicles"

Thirteen year old Scout is cast as the lead in her school's production of "Romeo and Juliet". She has to find a way to step into the shoes of the famous character while also dealing with the real life drama that comes with being a teenager.

The Runaway Circus Girl

A young girl runs away from home to join the circus, where she quickly becomes a skilled performer herself. The circus becomes her new home, and she travels the country with her new family, bringing joy and laughter to everyone she meets.

Natalie and Jake: A Friendship in Music

Natalie is a successful music producer who takes a chance on a up-and-coming singer named Jake. Jake is rough around the edges, but Natalie can hear the talent in his voice . They go into the studio and make a successful album together. They become good friends, and Jake even starts dating Natalie's sister. They continue to make beautiful music together, and their friendship only grows stronger.