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The Ghost Hunt

Lizzy, Tracey, and Nick explore a haunted house and spend the night communicating with the ghosts of the previous occupants. They help the ghosts move on to the other side and leave the house as changed people.

Jenna's Astral Adventures

Jenna is a young woman who can astral project - that is, she can travel outside of her body and explore the world in a whole new way. She meets other astral travelers , learns about different planes of existence, and discovers that she can use her astral body to influence the physical world and help others.

Nov 23
The Vampire Nanny

Shannon takes a job as a nanny for a wealthy family, but soon discovers that the children are vampires. She is terrified at first, but soon comes to care for the children and their parents. She must find a way to protect them from the outside world while keeping their secret safe.

Oct 01
The Vampire Slayer: Shannon's Story

Shannon is a street kid who turns into the Vampire Slayer after her friends are killed by vampires. She gains special powers and starts to hunt vampires down. The vampires eventually make a peace treaty with her, but she is always ready to fight if they break it.

Sep 24
The Stranger and the Vampire

Jenna is attacked by a vampire, but is saved by a handsome stranger. He tells her that she is now a vampire herself, and she is shocked and scared. However, she can't help but be drawn to him. Together, they must navigate the world of the undead and find a way to be together.

Aug 25
The Ghost Who Wouldn't Leave

Lila sees ghosts and talks to them, but she meets one that is different. He is stuck in one place and Lila decides to help him. She learns his story is more complicated then she thought.

Jul 21
Nina And The Ghostly Mysteries

Nina, a young girl who is interested in the paranormal, starts seeing ghosts after she moves into a new house. The ghosts help her solve mysteries and protect her from danger.

Witch Of Shepherdstown

Payton is a city girl who is sent to live with her grandparents in the small town of Shepherdstown after her mother dies. The people in Shepherdstown are not afraid of the supernatural and Payton soon learns that she is a witch. Payton uses her powers to help the people in Shepherdstown with their problems.

Jun 23