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The Magic Tree of Wishes

Lila discovers a magic tree that can grant wishes in the forest and uses her wishes to help the animals and make the world a better place.

Scout's Secret Garden

Scout, a city girl, is sent to live with her grandparents on their remote farm after the loss of her parents in a car accident. She discovers a secret garden that her grandfather has been hiding from her and she quickly learns that there is more to farm life than she ever could have imagined.

Scout's Storm Relief

Scout, a thirteen year old girl, sets out to help her community recover from a devastating storm. With the help of her friends, she sets up a relief effort to help those who have lost their homes and belongings.

The Enchanted Forest

Haley and her best friend Miles discover a secret path to an enchanted forest, where they meet a friendly fairy who grants them each a special wish. Haley wishes for the ability to talk to animals and Miles wishes for the strength of ten men. They have many adventures in the forest and learn about the importance of taking care of the natural world.

The Last Scout

Scout is a thirteen year old boy living in a future world where the environment has been destroyed. He is one of the few kids left who knows how to live off the land. When a group of adults set out to find a new place to start over, they take Scout with them to teach them what they need to know to survive.

Timmy Can't Swim

Timmy Can't Swim is a story about a six-year-old boy who is disappointed when he finds out the creek near his house is polluted and he can't swim in it. His mom tells him he can't swim in the creek because it's polluted. Timmy is disappointed, but he decides to go back home and get his fishing pole. Maybe he can catch some fish in the creek, even though he can't swim in it.

Mia And The Big Storm

Mia is an eleven year old girl who loves tracking storms. When a huge storm hits her town, she works with the local meteorologist to help people stay safe. Mia is a brave and determined girl who is always ready to help her community.

Sarah And The Magical Garden

Sarah discovers a magical garden full of amazing creatures. When developers threaten to destroy the garden, Sarah and her new friends set out to stop them. They are successful in saving the garden and the creatures that live there.