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Ghost Rider

Thirteen-year-old Jack gets his first motorcycle and is excited to hit the open road, but quickly realizes he's not alone on the bike. There's a ghost riding shotgun, and she 's not happy about being there. The ghost, a girl named Sarah, is determined to find out why she's stuck with Jack and how to move on to the other side. As they race across the country, Sarah and Jack will have to face their fears - and each other - if they want to find answers.

The Great Motorcycle Escape

Jake gets a motorcycle and, with the help of his friend, takes it out for a spin without his parents knowing. But when they get caught by the police, Jake is in for a lecture from his parents.

The Motorcycle Shop

When thirteen year old Jake's mom dies, he moves to live with his dad in a small town. His dad owns a motorcycle shop and expects Jake to work there. Jake is determined to hate his dad and everything about motorcycles. But as he gets to know his dad and the other people who work in the shop, Jake starts to see the appeal of motorcycles. He even starts to enjoy working in the shop. When his dad is diagnosed with cancer, Jake takes over the shop and decides to keep it running in his memory.

The Shop Life

When his mother dies, sixteen year old Jake is forced to move in with his father, a motorcycle mechanic who owns a small shop. Jake is not happy about this, but he starts to understand what his father loves about this life when he gets his own motorcycle.

On the Road with Dad: A Cross-Country Motorcycle Adventure

Jaycee Stevens sets out on a cross-country motorcycle trip with her dad, learning about herself, her father, and the bond between them along the way.

Racing To A Better Life

Jake's parents died when he was thirteen, leaving him to fend for himself. He took odd jobs to make ends meet, but never had much money. One day, he found an abandoned motorcycle and fixed it up. He started racing it and quickly became the town's champion. With the prize money, he was able to buy a small house and finally have a place to call home.

Jeremy And The Secret Motorcycle Club

Jeremy's mom sells his motorcycle after deeming it too dangerous, crushing her son. His best friend Tony tells him about a secret motorcycle club for kids that he can join, which he does and is immediately accepted into. Jeremy is now happy with a new hobby and a supportive group of friends.

A Motorcycle Memoir

Jake gets his first motorcycle at sixteen and is excited to ride, but quickly realizes he doesn't know how. With the help of his older brother, Jake begins to learn, but when his brother dies in a motorcycle accident, Jake is left to figure it out on his own. Jake must overcome his fear of riding if he wants to keep his brother's memory alive.