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The Orphan's Journey

Ten-year-old Amir is orphaned in a bombing in Kabul and sent to live with his uncle in America. When he learns that his uncle is planning to send him back to Afghanistan , Amir must find a way to stop him and stay in America.

The Girls of Najaf

Yasmeen's parents are killed in a bombing in Baghdad, and she is sent to live with her grandparents in Najaf. There, she meets Fatima, and the two girls become fast friends . They witness the brutality of the violence that surrounds them, but they also see the strength and resilience of the people who continue to live and love despite the odds.

Zayd's Journey: A Tale of Courage and Resistance in Occupied Iraq

Eleven-year-old Zayd's parents are killed in a bombing in Baghdad. Zayd is sent to live with his aunt in Amman, Jordan. When he learns his parents were working for the Iraqi resistance, he joins the fight. With the help of his new friends, Zayd finds the courage to stand up to the oppressors and fight for freedom.

Danger in Baghdad

Amir and his family arrive in Baghdad, where they must learn to navigate the dangerous streets. Despite the danger, Amir is excited to start his new life in the city.

Farah's Escape

Farah, a thirteen-year-old girl, is forced to marry a much older man. She and her best friend come up with a plan to escape, but it goes wrong and Farah is left on her own. She must find the strength to survive in a hostile world.

The Beggar Boy of Kabul

Nine-year-old Amir is orphaned in a drone attack in Kabul and must fend for himself on the streets. He quickly learns that the only way to survive is to beg, steal , and fight. One day, Amir witnesses a Taliban soldier beating a helpless man. Amir knows that he will be killed if he intervenes, but he can't just stand by and do nothing. He risks everything to save the man's life.

Amir's Journey: A Tale of Hope and Courage

12 year old Amir is orphaned and must leave his life of privilege in Tehran to go live with his uncle in a small village in Afghanistan. There, he must learn to fend for himself and help his uncle with the farm. One day, the Taliban come to the village and Amir is forced to flee. He makes his way to Pakistan, where he eventually finds safety. The experience has changed Amir forever and he is determined to one day return to Afghanistan and help others who are suffering under the Taliban's rule.

The Afghan resistance fighter

Amir is an orphan who is sent to live with his uncle in Afghanistan. There, he learns about the country's rich history and the struggles of its people. He also comes to know the Taliban, and the dangers they pose to the Afghan people. When the Taliban take control of the country, Amir decides to help the resistance by smuggling weapons and supplies to the fighters. At great risk to his own safety, Amir becomes a hero to his people.