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Dancing to the Top

Scout is a small-town girl with big dreams of becoming a professional dancer. When she's recruited by a local college to compete on their dance team, she finally has a chance to shine. But as she starts to gain attention, she also starts to attract the wrong kind of attention. She must use her smarts and talent to navigate the dangerous world of college athletics and finally find a place to belong.

The City Girl and the Horse

Payton's life changes when she meets a horse named Star and starts to learn about the joys of farm life.

The Small Town Girl with a Big Imagination

Shannon's parents are killed in a car accident and she is sent to live with her grandparents in a small town. Shannon is a city girl and is not happy about being in the middle of nowhere. Shannon's grandfather is a recluse and her grandmother is a sweet old lady who loves to bake. Shannon starts to feel like she belongs in the small town. Shannon's grandfather was once a famous author and he helps her start writing her own stories. Shannon soon discovers that she has a talent for writing and she starts to enjoy living in the small town.

The Survivors

In a post-apocalyptic world, the only survivors are children. They band together and use their knowledge of movies, tv shows, and video games to survive. They are led by Max , who has a special connection to the world that ended.

New Beginnings with Thumper

Shannon has to move and is reluctant at first, but then she's told she can bring her favorite toy, Thumper the rabbit. She imagines all sorts of adventures for them in their new home and looks forward to all the new experiences.

The Mind Control Implant

In a future world where technology has taken over, a new implant is released that is supposed to be an upgrade, but is actually a way for the tech company to control people's minds. Dylan and his friends have to find a way to warn the public and stop the company before it's too late.

The Girl Who Saw Fairies

Fiona, a twelve year old girl, discovers that she has the ability to see fairies after her parents are mysteriously killed. With the help of the fairies, she sets out to discover who killed her parents and why.

Shannon And Her Horse Star

Shannon is reluctant to move until she learns she'll be getting her own horse, Star. The two quickly become best friends and Shannon looks forward to their adventures together.