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Scout and Lily: A Tale of Two Friends Facing Adversity

Scout and Lily are best friends who have to face some difficult times when Lily's mom is arrested and Lily has to go into foster care. While Scout tries to help her friend, she also learns some valuable lessons about herself.

Shannon's First Year on the Farm

Shannon is initially unhappy when she learns her family is moving from the city to a farm, but she quickly adjusts to country living. Shannon makes new friends, learns to care for the animals, and finds romance. Shannon loves her new life on the farm by the end of her first year.

Nina's Great Adventure

Nina, an 11 year old city girl, is bored with her life. She decides to take matters into her own hands and sneak out of her apartment to explore the city. She has the time of her life, exploring all the different neighborhoods and meeting new people. When she finally returns home, she knows that she'll never be able to go back to living her life the same way.

Moving to the Farm

Shannon and her family move from the city to a farm, and Shannon starts to learn about farm life and the animals. Shannon's little sister loves the farm, and Shannon finds herself enjoying the peace and quiet of country living. As the months go by, Shannon starts to feel at home on the farm, and she even starts to think of it as her home.

Country Girl: A City Girl's Adventure in the Country

Shannon is a thirteen year old girl who is moving from the city to a small town in the country. She is not sure what to expect, but she quickly learns that life in the country is simple but also full of adventure.

Shannon's Farm Life

Shannon's family moves from the city to a small town in the country, and she quickly falls in love with farm life. She meets the town's handsome cowboy, and she knows she 's found her true home.

Shannon's Farm adventures

Shannon's family moves from the suburbs to a farm in the country, and she quickly falls in love with the slower pace of life and the close-knit community. Shannon becomes friends with the neighbors, helps with the animals, and starts a small business.

Mia's New Life in the City

Mia and her family move to the city, and Mia has to start a new school. She soon discovers there are lots of fun things to do in the city, and she falls in love with her new home.