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Lila and the Magic Forest

Lila is a young girl who is taken to the forest by her mother to learn about her ancestors. Lila is apprehensive at first, but soon learns to love the forest and all of its creatures. One day, she meets a magical creature who tells her about a great treasure that is hidden in the Forest. Lila sets out on a quest to find the treasure, and along the way she learns about the history of her people and the importance of nature.

there was an old lady who swallowed a rat

A collection of poems titled "There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Rat" in the "Folklore / Legends / Tales" category. The poems are based on the theme of fairy tales.

The Loch Ness Monster's New Friend

Shannon is reluctant to move from Ireland to America, but her perspective changes when she learns her new home will be near the Loch Ness monster. Shannon befriends Nessie and helps her find a new home .

"The Faerie Forest: A Celtic Adventure"

When Shannon learns she has to move away from her childhood home and all her friends, she's reluctant. But when she's told her new home is near a magical forest where a legendary creature , the Celtic faerie, is said to live, Shannon becomes determined to find the faerie and make a new friend. Shannon's search leads her on exciting adventures in the forest where she meets colorful characters and learns important life lessons. In the end, Shannon not only finds the faerie, but also the home she's been searching for.


Merlin, a young wizard in training, creates a potion that turns a rock into a dragon. He must now figure out how to undo his mistake before the dragon causes destruction in the kingdom .

The Princess and the Dragon

Princess Fiona sets out to kill the dragon that killed her parents, with the help of a handsome prince. They succeed in slaying the dragon, but not before realizing that they may have been in over their heads.

The Gardener with a Green thumb

Lily has the power to make plants grow and wither with just a thought. She uses her power to help people by starting a garden in her backyard. The garden quickly becomes a thriving community space.

The Magic of the Legendary Forest

Nine-year-old Shannon is excited to move to a new home near a legendary forest. With the help of new friends, Shannon explores the forest and discovers there is magic hidden within it .