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Kate Shaw and the Case of the Innocent Client

Kate Shaw defends a young woman accused of murdering her wealthy father. Despite being convinced of her innocence, Kate has a hard time proving it in court. With the help of her partner, she manages to find the evidence needed to win the case.

Nov 27
The Partner Race: A Cutthroat Legal Thriller

Olivia James is a lawyer who is passed up for a promotion at her law firm. She hatches a plan to sabotage her competition, but when one of her rivals is found dead , she becomes the prime suspect. With the help of her assistant, she must uncover the real killer.

Nov 14
The Case of the Hidden Secret

Olivia is a corporate lawyer who is asked to defend her company in a wrongful death lawsuit. The plaintiffs are a family who lost their son in a car accident, and they believe that Olivia's company is responsible. Olivia is determined to win the case, but she soon discovers that the family is hiding a dark secret.

The Brighton Conspiracy

Attorney Jules Brighton is hired to defend a wealthy man accused of murder. She quickly realizes that her client is being framed, and she sets out to uncover the real killer. In the process , she discovers a conspiracy that reaches to the top of the city's power structure. Jules has to use all her skills to find the truth and save herself.

Sep 28
Murder on the Mind: A Jordan Stone Legal Thriller

Jordan Stone is a lawyer who takes on a new client accused of murdering his wife. With the help of her team of investigators, Jordan sets out to uncover the real killer and clear her client 's name.

Sep 01
Marked for Murder

Mark and Emily buy their dream home, only to find the previous owner's body in the basement. Mark becomes the prime suspect in the murder, and must race against the clock to clear his name and find the real killer.

The Trial

Defense attorney Grace Reeves is convinced her client is innocent of a brutal murder, despite the overwhelming evidence against him. She races to find the real killer before the trial starts.

Samantha Reilly And The Case Of The Innocent Man

Samantha Reilly is a defense attorney who takes on the case of a lifetime when her client, Ryan, is accused of murdering his wife. The evidence against him is damning, but Samantha is convinced he's innocent. She'll have to use all her skills to navigate the complicated legal system and find the real killer before it's too late.