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Kai's Kwanzaa Celebration

Kai and her family are spending Kwanzaa in Kenya this year. Kai is excited to experience the holiday in a new place and to learn more about her heritage.

Nia's Kwanzaa Celebration

Nia's family celebrates Kwanzaa, and she learns the importance of community and giving back. Through the seven principles of Kwanzaa, Nia comes to understand the importance of her heritage and the role she plays in her community.

Kira's Kwanzaa Celebration

Kira's family celebrates Kwanzaa every year, and she looks forward to it more than any other holiday. She loves the traditions, the food, and the sense of community that the holiday brings. This year, Kira is particularly excited because she has been chosen to lead the community in the lighting of the kinara. As she lights each candle, she thinks about the meaning of each of the seven principles of Kwanzaa. Kira is proud to be celebrating her heritage and looks forward to many more years of Kwanzaa celebrations with her family and community.

Nia's First Kwanzaa

Nia is a young girl who celebrates her first Kwanzaa. She looks forward to spending time with her family, lighting the candles, and learning about the Seven Principles of Kwan zaa. Nia is especially excited to try out some of the traditional foods, like collard greens and sweet potato pie. As she celebrates each day of Kwanzaa, Nia learns more about her African heritage and the importance of family, community, and self-improvement. By the end of the week, she feels proud to be part of the African-American community and looks forward to celebrating Kwanzaa every year.

Nia's First Kwanzaa

Nia celebrates her first Kwanzaa with her family. They light the kinara, say the blessings, and enjoy a feast of traditional foods. Nia is excited to learn about her heritage and to celebrate her culture.