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Shannon's Time Travel Adventure

Shannon's Time Travel Adventure is the story of a girl who travels back in time to the Civil War era. She learns that history is more than just dates and events, and that the past is not as perfect as she thought it would be.

The Mayflower Adventure

Nine-year-old Jack sets sail for the New World with his family in 1620. He quickly befriends a girl named Sarah, and the two of them explore the ship and learn about the other passengers. When they finally reach their destination, they realize that the adventure has just begun. With courage and determination, they set out to build a new life in the wilderness.

Lizzy and the Bear Cub

Lizzy gets lost in the woods following a bear cub, but she is eventually able to find her way back to camp by following the sound of the cub's mother.

The Girl Who Cried Wolf: A Modern Fable

The Girl Who Cried Wolf is a retelling of the classic fable with a twist. In this version, the girl who cries wolf is actually telling the truth. But no one believes her, until it's too late.

The Voyage of Johnathan: A Historical Fiction Adventure

Nine-year-old Johnathan sets sail on a trading ship bound for Africa with his uncle. They face many challenges along the way, including crossing the treacherous Atlantic Ocean and braving the unknown interior of Africa. Johnathan uses his courage and resourcefulness to make it back home safe and sound.

The Magic of Reading

Lizzy's mom died when she was six, and her dad tried to fill the void by reading to her every night. One night, Lizzy was surprised to find that she could understand the words in her mom's favorite book. From then on, reading became Lizzy's favorite thing to do.

Anya and the Time Portal

When nine-year-old Anya finds a key hidden in the ivy of her family's old estate, she unlocks a centuries-old secret. The key opens a time portal that takes her back to the year 1512, where she meets a young prince who needs her help. Together, they outwit the evil forces conspiring against the prince and save his kingdom.

The Steampunk Adventures of Scout Finch

Scout Finch and her family move to New York City, where she quickly becomes embroiled in a steampunk adventure. With the help of her new friend Levi, Scout must use her wits and courage to stop the evil forces that are trying to take over the city.