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Val in Venice: A Missing Persons Mystery

Val is hired to find a missing person in Italy, but discovers a web of corruption and crime that goes all the way to the Vatican. With time running out, she must use all her skills to find the missing person and expose the truth.

The Valery Dupree Revenge Plot

Valery's family is murdered, and she knows her ex-husband is responsible. She hires private investigator Jake Bouchard to help her track him down and get revenge. As Jake gets closer to finding Jean-Luc, he realizes that Valery is hiding something.

Murder In Paris

Julia moves to Paris after her husband's death and quickly befriends a group of expats. When a member of the group is found dead, Julia begins to suspect that not everything is as it seems . She sets out to uncover the truth with the help of her new friends.

The Strangler Of Mexico

The police in Mexico are investigating a series of murders of young women who have been strangled. The main suspect is a man named Mario who has been seen talking to the victims before they were killed. The police are trying to find out what Mario's connection is to the victims and why he is killing them.