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The Great Mouse Escape

The family moves to the country and finds they have mice for pets. But when the mice escape their cage, they start to wreak havoc on the house. The kids have to catch the mice and put them back in their cage.

The Mouse that Ate the House

The family cat brings home a mouse, and the kids are excited to have a new pet. But the mouse is more interested in eating the family's food than being a friend. Can the kids convince the mouse to change its ways?

Tara: The African American Ice Skating Prodigy

Tara is an ice skating prodigy who is on the fast track to becoming a world champion. When she is sidelined with a serious injury, she sets her sights on becoming the first female African American Olymp ian in ice skating. Tara faces many challenges along the way, but she never gives up hope of achieving her dream.

Detective Jameson's partner is killed in a drug bust gone wrong, but he is...

Detective Jameson's partner is killed in a drug bust gone wrong, but he is determined to find the person responsible. He follows the trail of evidence to a powerful drug lord, but when he tries to bring him to justice, he finds himself up against a corrupt system. With the help of his partner's widow, he sets out to expose the truth and bring the drug lord to justice.

The Mouse Who Knew Too Much

A mouse witnesses a robbery at the local cheese factory, but the police don't believe her. So she sets out to solve the crime herself and catch the thief. Can she do it?

Rosie and the Magic Kingdom

Rosie the mouse discovers a magic kingdom and is granted three wishes by the queen. She uses her wishes to help her friends and family and learns that kindness is the most powerful magic of all.

The Talking Mouse

A woman sets a trap to catch a mouse, but instead catches a talking mouse named Jasper. The woman is amused by Jasper's antics and decides to let him go. From then on, Jasper becomes a regular visitor to the farmhouse.

Catching the Killer: A Police Procedural

Val is a police detective who is put on the case of a double homicide. With the help of her partner, she is able to catch the killer, who turns out to be someone she never would have suspected.