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Henry the Hippo: A Journey to Find His Place in the World

Henry the Hippo is born in Africa and grows up learning about the dangers of the world. When he is old enough, he leaves his family to find his own place in the world. Along the way, he meets new friends and learns new things about himself and the world around him.

Nile's Journey Home

Nile, a baby hippo, is separated from her mother during a raging storm and ends up stranded on a small island in the middle of the river. She is terrified and alone until she meets a friendly rhino who helps her find her way back home.

Shannon and the Hippo

Shannon is reluctant to move, but her perspective changes when she's told her new home will have a backyard big enough for a horse. Shannon's excitement grows as the move gets closer, but she's disappointed when she finds out the previous owners left behind a hippo. Shannon soon grows to love the hippo, and she spends her days playing with him and teaching him tricks.

Nigel the Hippo's Big Adventure

Nigel the baby hippo is separated from his mom during a huge storm and ends up all alone in the big city. He is terrified and has no idea how to get back home. He meets a kindly old woman who takes him in and helps him find his way home. Nigel learns about the importance of family and friends along the way.

Nile: A Story of Hope and Resilience

Nile is a baby hippo who is born during a great storm. When she opens her eyes, she is surrounded by destruction. Her family is gone and her home is gone. Nile is all alone in the world. But Nile is a survivor. She uses her strength and determination to find food and shelter. She meets other animals along the way, but she is always careful not to get too close. She knows that if she lets her guard down, she could end up like her family. Nile's story is one of hope and resilience. It shows that no matter how bad things seem, there is always a chance for a new beginning.

The Last Hippo

Hannah the Hippo is always the last one picked for games at school, but when a new student arrives and needs help, Hannah finally has a chance to show her friends what she's really good at .

Nina the Hippo's Terrible Day

Nina the hippo has a terrible day, but she feels better when she helps a little girl who has fallen into the river.

Hapuku the Hippo: A Tale of Friendship, Family, and Bra very

Hapuku the Hippo is a story about a young hippo who must take on the responsibility of leading his family after his father is killed. Hapuku must learn to be brave and strong, and protect his family from the dangers of the savanna.