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The Halloween House

Nine-year-old Olivia and her best friend Aiden go trick-or-treating and end up in a spooky Halloween House full of puzzles. With the help of some new friends, they solve the puzzles and find their way back home.

Halloween kittens

The cats in the neighborhood are on high alert when they sense that the humans are up to something sinister on Halloween night. They follow the leader, Midnight, to the biggest house on the block , where they find a human in the basement stitching together dead animals to create a horrifying creature. The cats attack and destroy the creature, saving the neighborhood from the evil human's plans.

Aug 28
Shannon and the Haunted House

Shannon is reluctant to move just before Halloween, but when she learns her new neighborhood is rumored to be haunted, she becomes excited at the prospect of meeting ghosts. With the help of her new friends, Shannon learns that ghosts are nothing to be afraid of and that moving can be an adventure.

The Scary Maze

Delia gets lost in a big, scary maze on Halloween night. She's not alone, though, as something is following her through the maze. Can she face her fears and find a way out before it's too late?

Lily's First Halloween

Lily is a young girl who goes trick-or-treating for the first time. She is scared when she sees the big, scary men at the houses, but she is happy to see that her parents are the men in the costumes.

Benny And The Halloween Noises

Sarah is home alone on Halloween night with her dog Benny. She starts to hear scary noises coming from outside and gets scared. Benny protects her and chases away the scary thing making the noise.

The Witch's Halloween Surprise

Abby turns into a toad after a witch casts a spell on her, but is saved by her cat Halloween and runs away.

The Witch Next Door and the Best Halloween Ever

Shannon is reluctant to move before Halloween, but her perspective changes when she learns her new home will be next door to a real live witch. Now, Shannon is determined to make friends with the witch and have the best Halloween ever.