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The Dark Closet

Sally is a young girl who is terrified of the dark. She always keeps a light on in her room at night, but one fateful night, the power goes out and Sally is plunged into darkness. She starts to hear strange noises coming from her closet and she is too scared to move. Suddenly, the door to her closet bursts open and a ghostly figure comes out. Sally screams as the figure comes closer and closer to her. She closes her eyes tightly, expecting to be killed, but nothing happens. When she opens her eyes again, the figure is gone. Sally is relieved , but she is also now more scared of the dark than ever before.

Ghost of My Father

Maggie sees her father's ghost after his death and learns to cope with her grief.

Sep 14
Her Parents' Ghost: A Comforting Visit

Lizzy is struggling to cope with the loss of her parents. One night, she is visited by their ghosts who tell her that she is not alone. Lizzy is comforted by their visit and is able to move on.

The Ghosts of Small Town

Sarah and her two young children move to a small town, only to discover that it is haunted by the ghosts of its past. The ghosts are friendly at first, but soon turn hostile, and Sarah must find a way to protect her children.

Jul 25
The Ghost of Sarah

Maggie discovers her new house is haunted by the ghost of Sarah. At first scared, Maggie soon realizes Sarah just wants to communicate and starts to feel sorry for her. Maggie tries to help Sarah move on to the other side.

Jul 08
Sarah's Ghost

Sarah moves into a new apartment and starts experiencing strange occurrences. She starts to feel like she is being watched and her things are being moved around. She also starts to see strange shadows in her peripheral vision. Sarah starts to think she is going crazy, but she soon realizes that she is being haunted by a ghost. The ghost is that of a young woman who was murdered in Sarah's apartment years ago. The ghost is trying to tell Sarah who killed her and why. Sarah is able to help the ghost find peace and the murderer is brought to justice.

Jun 28
Nina's Ghost: A Story Of Grief

Nina's fiancé dies, and she is visited by his ghost. He asks her to help him find closure by investigating his death. Nina soon discovers that her fiancé's death was no accident. She sets out to find the person responsible and bring them to justice.

Jun 26
The Kids Who Knew Too Much

The kids in Ms. Wilkinson's third grade class start having nightmares, and they realize that something evil is coming for them. Led by their teacher, the kids must use their knowledge of the supernatural to save themselves.