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Linda and John's Interdimensional Adventure

Linda discovers she has the ability to travel to other worlds, where she meets John. John's world is being threatened by an evil force, so Linda and John work together to save it .

Maddy's Prairie Adventures

Maddy is an eleven-year-old girl who moves from Toronto to a small town in the Canadian prairies. She quickly discovers that life in her new town is very different from what she was used to. With the help of her new friend, she uncovers a secret about the town.

The Bride Contest

Shannon enters a contest to win a prize that will save her family's farm, but she soon realizes that there may be more to the contest than she thought.

May 11
The Outsiders of Nova Scotia

Eight year old Emily moves to Nova Scotia to live with her grandparents after her mother's death. She is shy and has trouble making friends, but she meets a girl named Sarah who is also an outsider. The two girls become friends and explore the town together. They discover a secret hidden in the town that has been kept for generations.

Best Friends Forever: Kate and Jason's Unexpected Reunion

Kate and Jason are forced to part ways when Kate's family moves away, but they unexpectedly meet again in high school and rekindle their friendship. Can they overcome the obstacles of long- distance and different lifestyles to stay close?

Jemma's Wedding Cake

In the year 1815, 12 year old orphan, Jemma, is living in London and taken in by a family who runs a bakery. They teach her how to bake and she is happy working with them. One day, a customer comes in and asks for a special cake for her daughter's wedding. Jemma is so excited to hear about the wedding and asks if she can help make the cake. The customer agrees and Jemma is able to help make the most beautiful wedding cake she has ever seen.

The Time Traveler's Guide to Survival

Sarah discovers she can travel through time and sets out to explore history. But she quickly discovers that time travel is dangerous, and she must use her knowledge of history to get herself out of dangerous situations. Along the way, she meets famous figures from throughout history and learns important lessons.

May 05
Shannon and the Magical Forest

Shannon is a 9-year-old girl who is reluctant to move to a new house because she will have to leave all her friends behind. However, she changes her perspective when she learns that her new house will sit on the edge of a magical forest. When Shannon and her younger brother discover a key hidden in the ivy of their new home, they use it to unlock a door in the forest that leads to a hidden world. Shannon soon learns that the key was left for her specifically and she's tasked with helping the magical creatures who live there. With the help of her new friends, Shannon takes on the responsibility and learns the importance of being selfless.