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Mia's Dancing Dream

Mia is a young girl who loves to dance. She takes classes at a local dance studio and quickly becomes the best dancer in her class. Her teacher, Mrs. Nguyen, enters her in a prestigious dance competition. Mia is nervous but excited to compete. She works hard and gives it her all, and she ends up winning first place!

The Hidden World of Emma

Emma is sent to live with her aunt and uncle in a small town in rural Canada after the death of her parents. She meets a girl named Sarah who tells her about a secret passage that leads to a hidden world. Emma is skeptical at first, but decides to go along with Sarah to see if she can find this passage. They eventually find the entrance to the hidden world and Emma is amazed by what she sees. This world is full of magic and wonder, and Emma soon realizes that she may never want to leave.

Timmy's New Team

Timmy is a young boy who is reluctant to move to a new town, but he changes his perspective when he learns that he will get to play on a real baseball team. Timmy quickly learns that baseball is about more than just winning, and he excels at the game.

Tommy's Basketball Dream

Tommy's mom dies and he is sent to live with his dad, a professional basketball player. His step-mom is not very nice and does not allow him to play basketball, but his dad does. He starts playing on a local team and his dad comes to watch him play.

The Outcasts of Oklahoma

Shannon, a young girl from a city, is sent to live with her grandparents in rural Oklahoma during the early 1930s. There, she befriends a Native American girl who is also an outcast . Together, they find a way to survive the prejudice and hatred directed towards them.

Jenna's Nightmare Weekend

Jenna arrives home from work to find her apartment in a state of disarray. She begins to clean up, but is soon interrupted by a knock at the door. Her neighbor, covered in blood, tells her that he has just killed his wife and children and is planning to do the same to Jenna. Jenna tries to talk him out of it, but he is not listening. The police arrive and shoot him before he can kill Jenna. Jenna is traumatized by the event, but she is alive.

Nov 19
Saving Christmas

Holly's parents are fighting and her sister is sick, so she tries to save Christmas with the help of her friends.

Is Someone Following Me?

Lizzy starts to feel like she's being followed and can't shake the feeling. She starts to notice strange things happening around her and wonders if she's losing her mind.