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Frogs & Toads

Toad's City Adventures

Toad moves from the forest to the city, where he befriends a frog and learns to love his new home.

The Class That Cared for Thaddeus

Mrs. Miller's third grade class takes care of a tadpole named Thaddeus who is having trouble developing. They are excited to see that their care and attention makes a difference when he finally turns into a frog.

Toad's Terrible Day

Toad has a terrible day, but he doesn't let the bullies get the best of him.

The Tadpole Who Couldn't Turn Into a Frog

When a tadpole in Mrs. Smith's third grade classroom doesn't seem to be developing properly, she and her students take extra special care of him. They name him Freddy and soon discover that he has a gift for music. With their help, Freddy forms a band and becomes a YouTube sensation.

Shannon and the Talking Frog

Shannon finds a talking frog in her backyard and names him Ribbit. Ribbit tells Shannon that he is a prince who has been cursed by an evil witch and needs Shannon's help to find a true princess to kiss him. Shannon and Ribbit go on an adventure to find the perfect princess, but Shannon learns that true love isn't always what it seems.

Lilypad Mcquack And The Magic Potion

Sixth grader Lilypad McQuack is accidentally turned into a frog by a magical potion and must find the antidote before it's too late. With the help of her friends, Lilypad must out wit the bullies who are determined to make their lives miserable.

Lily And The Frog

11 year old Lily befriends a frog, which she names Fred. She starts spending all her free time with Fred and neglects her friends and family. When Fred dies, Lily is left alone and realizes she needs to make some changes in her life.

Timmy The Troublemaker

Timmy the frog is always getting into trouble, but he doesn't care because he's happy being a troublemaker.