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The Viral Video Kids

Scout and her best friend Ryan start making movies together and become a YouTube sensation. But when Scout's parents find out, they want her to stop. Scout must decide whether to follow her dreams or please her parents.

The Great Broadway Musical Chase

Shannon is a 12-year-old musical theater fan who is thrilled to learn that her favorite movie is being adapted into a Broadway musical. Despite her parents' objections, Shannon sets out to audition for the lead role. When she gets stage fright, Shannon begins to doubt her talent. With the help of her best friend, Shannon decides to give it one more shot.

The Great Bank Robbery Caper

Scout and Miles make a movie that captures a bank robbery in progress. The criminals target the kids in an attempt to get the footage, but the kids use their filmmaking skills to outwit them.

Mia's Journey to Hollywood Stardom

Mia has always wanted to be a Hollywood star, and now she's finally getting her chance. She quickly discovers that the life of a movie star is not all glamorous, with long hours and grueling days. But Mia is determined to make it big and give the performance of a lifetime.

Scout's Adventures in Hollywood

Scout, a 10 year old girl, befriends a boy who is an extra on a major motion picture being filmed in Hollywood. She quickly becomes a part of the movie magic, and even has a chance to meet the star of the film.

The Young Filmmaker's Journey

Thirteen year old Shannon discovers her passion for filmmaking when she is given a Super 8 camera as a birthday present. With the support of her loved ones, Shannon begins to turn her dreams into reality.

The Scout's Super 8 Camera

Scout, Jem, and Dill are three friends who love making movies. Their latest film unintentionally captures a crime being committed by a local gangster. As they work to solve the case, they must outwit the gangster and his henchmen, all while trying to finish their film before the big festival deadline.

Ally's Film Adventure

Ally's mom dies, and she moves to Los Angeles to live with her dad. She meets a group of kids who love making films, and they help her enter a contest to make a short film. Her dad tries to stop her, but Ally decides to fight for her dream.