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The End of the World As We Know It

A group of people from different backgrounds are brought together by the end of the world. They must work together to survive the new world, and find a way to rebuild society.

The Battle for Mars: A Science Fiction Space Opera

The year is 20xx and the human race has colonized Mars. The first Martian colony is successful, but then an alien race known as the Zoronians attack. The humans must band together to save their colony. The story follows John, the human leader, as he fights against the Zoronians.

The Interdimensional Creature

A team of scientists must help an interdimensional creature return to its home universe before it can cause any more damage on Earth.

The Shaw Story: A Tale of Survival and Courage

Private Jake Shaw is the only survivor of a Taliban attack on his unit in Afghanistan. He is captured and tortured, but never gives up hope of escape. Jake eventually overpowers his captors and makes his way back to safety.

The Book of Answers

Linda comes across a book that claims to have all the answers to the questions she has about life. She is amazed to find that everything in the book is true and starts to doubt the reality she is living in. She starts to think that she is living in a simulated world and that her life is just a program. She starts to feel like she is being watched and that she is being controlled. She starts to lose touch with reality and starts to believe that she is the only one who is real.

Alone in the Wasteland

A man is the only survivor in a world that has ended. He must find a way to survive in the wasteland that is left behind.

The Stranger's Secrets

In a steampunk world, a young woman named Ada escapes her small town and joins a group of adventurers when a mysterious stranger arrives. She quickly discovers that the stranger is not who he seems , and she must stop him from destroying the world she knows.

The Last humans

Sarah and her team of scientists journey to find a new planet to call home as the world ends. When they reach their destination, they realize they are not alone.