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The Halloween House

Nine-year-old Olivia and her best friend Aiden go trick-or-treating and end up in a spooky Halloween House full of puzzles. With the help of some new friends, they solve the puzzles and find their way back home.

Natalie's 9/11: A Story of Hope, Courage, and Res ilience

Natalie is a young girl living in New York City in 2001. When the terrorist attacks on September 11th happen, she witnesses them firsthand and is deeply affected. In the aftermath, she learns about the brave first responders and the heroes who emerged in the midst of the tragedy. She also learns about the strength and resilience of her fellow New Yorkers. This story follows Natalie as she navigates the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks and learns about hope, courage, and the power of community.

Sarah and the Knight

Sarah is an orphan who is taken in by a kindhearted noblewoman and grows up learning about the customs and culture of medieval Europe. She eventually falls in love with a young knight and the two of them have many adventures together.

Toad's Terrible Day

Toad has a terrible day, but he doesn't let the bullies get the best of him.

Dancing to the Top

Lily is a seventeen year old dancer who gets accepted into the prestigious New York City Ballet. She soon realizes that the world of ballet is not as glamorous as it seems and that she must put in endless hours of practice to make it to the top.

Fiona's New Family

Fiona the fox is excited to meet her new family, but she quickly realizes that something is not right. They are distant and seem to be hiding something from her. Fiona is determined to find out what it is and make her new family love her.

The Singing Creature

A young boy named Timmy is home alone and afraid of the dark. Suddenly, he hears a noise outside his window and sees a big, furry creature in his backyard. Timmy is so scared that he hides in his closet. The creature comes closer to the house and Timmy's closet, and Timmy is sure that it is going to eat him. But then the creature does something unexpected. It starts to sing a beautiful song. Timmy is so mesmerized by the creature's voice that he forgets to be scared. He opens the closet door and steps outside. The creature is gone, but Timmy is not afraid of the dark anymore.

Shannon and the Farm

Shannon is sent to live with her grandparents on their farm after the loss of her parents. She is not happy about this arrangement and is determined to make the best of it. One day, while exploring the farm, she comes across a injured bird. Shannon takes the bird home and nurses it back to health. She names the bird Lucky and the two become inseparable. Shannon starts to see the farm in a new light and begins to appreciate all that it has to offer. She even makes some new friends along the way.