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Shannon's Time Travel Adventure

Shannon's Time Travel Adventure is the story of a girl who travels back in time to the Civil War era. She learns that history is more than just dates and events, and that the past is not as perfect as she thought it would be.

The Mayflower Adventure

Nine-year-old Jack sets sail for the New World with his family in 1620. He quickly befriends a girl named Sarah, and the two of them explore the ship and learn about the other passengers. When they finally reach their destination, they realize that the adventure has just begun. With courage and determination, they set out to build a new life in the wilderness.

The Ghost Hunt

Lizzy, Tracey, and Nick explore a haunted house and spend the night communicating with the ghosts of the previous occupants. They help the ghosts move on to the other side and leave the house as changed people.

Doctor, Wife, Detective: A Julia Harper Thriller

After finding her husband cheating on her, Dr. Julia Harper moves out and starts struggling to make ends meet. One night, she's called into the ER to treat a patient who has been attacked, and Julia realizes that the attack was meant for her. Someone is out to get her, and Julia must use her skills as a doctor and a detective to solve the case and keep herself and her daughter safe.

Lizzy and the Bear Cub

Lizzy gets lost in the woods following a bear cub, but she is eventually able to find her way back to camp by following the sound of the cub's mother.

A Successful Romance

Jenna and Ian are getting married after a whirlwind romance. Both are successful in their respective fields, and they're excited to start their life together. They're looking forward to seeing what the future holds.

The Girl Who Cried Wolf: A Modern Fable

The Girl Who Cried Wolf is a retelling of the classic fable with a twist. In this version, the girl who cries wolf is actually telling the truth. But no one believes her, until it's too late.

Ashley's Secret

Ashley is a talented singer who keeps her talent a secret from her family. After her mom dies, Ashley feels like she has to be perfect for her dad and two brothers. When she falls in love with a boy who is also a singer, she finally tells her family about her talent and they support her dream. Ashley and her boyfriend start a band and they become successful.