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The Evil in the Mountains

Sergeant First Class James Ryan and his team are deployed to Afghanistan to fight the Taliban. However, they quickly realize that there is something else out there hunting them. They must battle both the Taliban and this evil force if they want to make it out alive.

Wrestling with Fear

Chris is a high school wrestler who starts to doubt himself as the season progresses. He starts to lose matches and his friends and family try to encourage him. Finally, he has to face his fears and give it everything he has. He comes out of the state tournament as the champion.

Jenna's Hawaiian Adventure

Jenna's best friend invites her on a workation to Hawaii, and Jenna decides to go for it. She is immediately thrust into a world of excitement and new experiences, from surfing and hiking to exploring the vibrant nightlife. She even meets a charming surfer named Kai. But when her friend has to leave early for an emergency, Jenna is left to finish the workation on her own. She's not sure if she can handle it, but with Kai by her side, she knows anything is possible.

Linda and John's Interdimensional Adventure

Linda discovers she has the ability to travel to other worlds, where she meets John. John's world is being threatened by an evil force, so Linda and John work together to save it .

Mark and Cathy: A Love Story

Cathy and Mark are best friends who fall in love with each other. They start a beautiful relationship after Mark finally tells Cathy how he feels.

The Fearsome Pirate Anne Bonny

Anne Bonny is a thirteen year old pirate who loves sailing the open seas. When her ship is attacked by a rival gang of pirates, Anne is forced to fight for her life. With the help of her trusty sword and a little bit of luck, Anne manages to defeat her enemies and escape with her life.

Dinosaur Girl: Allie's Adventures in the Prehistoric World

In the land of the dinosaurs, a young girl named Allie begins to explore the world around her. She meets different kinds of dinosaurs and learns about their way of life. Allie also discovers the dangers of the world, and how to protect herself from them.

Skiing the Slopes of Aspen

JJ Johnson falls during a ski race but is determined to get back up and finish the course. With the help of her coach, she overcomes her fears and completes the race.