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Farm Animals

Bessie the Happy Calf

The Johnson family moves from the city to a farm and quickly becomes attached to their new calf, Bessie. Bessie is a special calf because she is always happy and loves to play. The Johnsons enjoy watching her grow.

Lizzy the Lamb: A Tale of Friendship and Adventure

Lizzy the lamb is the runt of the litter and is constantly teased by the other lambs. One day, Lizzy decides she's had enough and runs away from the farm. She meets a group of rabbits who teach her how to live in the wild. Lizzy is happy living with her new friends, but she misses the farm and her old friends. One day, she decides to go back and show the other lambs that she can be just as tough as they are.

The Restless Animals

The animals on a farm are terrified of a creature that is rumored to roam at night, but when they meet the creature, they realize that it is just a friendly animal like them.

The Brave Little Pig

When the farm is sold to new owners, the animals are scared of the abuse they might suffer. But Wilbur, a brave little pig, rallies the others and they stand up to the new owners. They show them that they won't take any more abuse and they are finally free.

Lizzy the Lamb's Magical Meadow Adventure

Lizzy the Lamb goes on a magical adventure in the meadow and learns about taking care of the environment from the friendly animals who live there. She is excited to share her new knowledge with her friends back on the farm.

Old MacDonald's Farm

When Old MacDonald inherits a farm, he quickly falls in love with the animals that live there, each with their own unique personality.

The Farm Animals' Night Out

The animals on a farm have a great time playing at night when the farmer goes to bed, but they have to go back to their pens when the sun comes up.