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The Girl Who Cried Wolf: A Modern Fable

The Girl Who Cried Wolf is a retelling of the classic fable with a twist. In this version, the girl who cries wolf is actually telling the truth. But no one believes her, until it's too late.

Shannon and the Mischievous Fairies

Shannon is reluctant to move to her new home, but when she learns it will sit on the site of an ancient fairy ring, she's eager to explore the woods and make new friends. When strange things start happening around her new home, Shannon suspects the fairies are responsible. With the help of her new friend, Shannon sets out to find the fairies and ask them to stop. But what Shannon discovers is that the fairies aren't responsible for the strange occurrences at her new home. Shannon will have to use her wit and courage to solve the mystery and find a way to stop the mis chievous culprits.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow White is a beautiful princess who is forced to flee her home after her stepmother, the Evil Queen, orders her Huntsman to kill her. Snow White finds refuge with seven dwarfs in their cottage in the forest. The Evil Queen finds out where Snow White is and gives her a poisoned apple. Snow White takes a bite of the apple and falls into a deep sleep. A prince happens to be passing by and sees Snow White. He kisses her and she wakes up. They live happily ever after.

Nadia and the Magic Lamp

Nadia is a young girl who finds a magical lamp in the marketplace. The genie grants Nadia three wishes and she uses them to help her village. Nadia's story is one of hope , courage, and determination.

The Girl Who Saved a Magical World

A young girl is transported to a magical world where she must help the inhabitants defeat an evil queen.

Marisol and the Spirit of Mexico

Nine-year-old Marisol Gonzalez moves from California to Mexico to live with her grandparents. She soon discovers that her abuela has a special gift - the ability to commune with the spirits of the dead. At first, Marisol is scared of her abuela's power, but she comes to appreciate it when she learns that it can be used to help people. With the help of her abuela's gift, Marisol is able to help her community in ways she never thought possible.

The Fairy Kingdom in My Backyard

Shannon is excited to move to her new home when she learns it will sit on the site of an ancient fairy kingdom. She quickly makes friends with the fairies who live there and enjoys exploring her new backyard.

The Quest for the Fairy Realm

Shannon's parents are killed in a car accident and she is sent to live with her grandparents in Ireland. She meets a strange old woman who tells her about the Fairy Realm, a magical place where Shannon can return home. With the help of her new friends, Shannon finds the entrance to the realm and is able to return home.