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Anya and the Time Portal

When nine-year-old Anya finds a key hidden in the ivy of her family's old estate, she unlocks a centuries-old secret. The key opens a time portal that takes her back to the year 1512, where she meets a young prince who needs her help. Together, they outwit the evil forces conspiring against the prince and save his kingdom.

The Witch of the Castle

Fiona McAllister and her family move from Scotland to England and take up residence in a decrepit old castle. With the help of her new friend, a boy who lives in the castle, Fiona explores the castle's dark history and discovers that it was once the home of a powerful witch who was imprisoned in the dungeon. Fiona and her friend must find a way to free the witch and stop her from wreaking havoc on the world.

Shannon's New Life in Ireland

Shannon is sent to live with her grandparents in Ireland after her mother's death. At first, Shannon is excited to be living in a new country. However, she quickly learns that life in Ireland is very different from her previous life. Shannon must learn to navigate her new life, while also dealing with the loss of her mother and the secrets her family is keeping from her.

New Concierge in Town: A European Adventure

Rachel's vacation takes an unexpected turn when she meets the hotel's new concierge, a handsome stranger who is determined to make her stay as enjoyable as possible. With his help, she explores Europe in a whole new way and has the adventure of a lifetime.

Oct 13
Scattering Ashes in Europe: A Daughter's Journey

Emily's mother dies, and she decides to take a trip to Europe to scatter her ashes. While there, she visits some of her mother's favorite places and meets a handsome stranger who helps her through the process. She eventually finds closure and a new love.

Sep 27
Claire in Italy: A Small Town's Big Adventure

Claire, a traveler from Paris, decides to help a small Italian town in need after watching a documentary about the town on TV. With the help of the friendly townsfolk, she sets out to restore the town to its former glory. Along the way, she falls in love with the town, its people, and the Italian way of life.

Sep 15
Gabrielle's War: A Girl's Journey Through the Revolutionary War

Gabrielle is a young girl who is forced to flee her home in France during the Revolutionary War. She meets a kind-hearted boy named Jean-Pierre along the way, and they eventually reach safety in England. They start a new life together.

The Girl Who Escaped an Arranged Marriage and Found Love in America

Annabelle is a 14 year old girl who is sent to live with her grandparents in England after the death of her parents. She is unhappy with the strict rules and expectations of her new life and is especially unhappy when she is told she must marry a man she does not love. When she meets a young man named William, he tells her of a place called America where people are free to live their lives as they please. Annabelle is intrigued and when William offers to take her there, she does not hesitate to go. They have many adventures on their journey to America and along the way, they fall in love. When they finally reach America, Annabelle is amazed by the freedom and opportunities that are available to her.