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Scout Riley's Three-Day Event

Thirteen year old Scout Riley must overcome discrimination as an African American girl while training for the prestigious Three-Day Event. With the help of her best friend, she is determined to succeed.

The Silver Stirrup Award

Thirteen-year-old Vanessa is determined to win the prestigious Silver Stirrup Award. But she faces stiff competition from her fellow riders, as well as the jealousy of her best friend, Mia. With the help of her horse, Starlight, Vanessa learns that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

Scout's Equestrian Journey

Scout, a thirteen year old girl, is forced to move from the city to her grandparent's farm. There, she discovers a love for horses and starts to explore the world of equestrian sports. With the help of her new friends, Scout learns to ride and compete in her first show. She quickly discovers that she has a natural talent for riding and starts to make a name for herself in the equestrian world.

Shannon and the Horse Show

Shannon and her family move to a small town that is home to a world-famous horse ranch. Shannon falls in love with the horses and takes riding lessons. When she learns that the ranch might have to be sold, Shannon comes up with a plan to save it by winning the biggest horse show in the country.

Girl from the City Learns to Love Horses and Ranch Life

Scout Montgomery is a city girl who moves to her dad's horse ranch in Wyoming after her mom dies. She knows nothing about horses, but she quickly falls in love with them and the ranch life. When her dad is in danger of losing the ranch, Scout must find a way to help him save it.

Shannon's Dream to Ride

Shannon is a city girl who moves to a small town and discovers that it is home to an equestrian academy. She befriends a horse trainer and sets out to prove herself as a champion rider.

Horses And Healing

Shannon moves to her grandparents' horse ranch after the loss of her parents and falls in love with the horses. With their help, Shannon starts to heal from her loss and finds a new passion in life .

A Horse For Shannon

Shannon is a city girl who moves to the country and discovers a talent for riding horses. With the help of her new friend Katie, Shannon starts competing in horse shows and quickly finds herself in the thick of the competitive world of equestrian sports.