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Lassie: The Golden Retriever Who Saved the Farm

Lassie is a young golden retriever who is taken in by a family of farmers. She quickly becomes a loyal and trusted friend to the family, helping them with their farm chores. But when the family's farm is threatened by a large corporation, Lassie must use all of her cunning and courage to save the day.

Lassie: The Dog Who Saved the Farm

Lassie is a loyal dog who helps her family save their farm when it is in danger of being sold.

I have a dog

Libby's life is changed for the better when she inherits her Aunt's dog, Baxter. He becomes her best friend and confidante, and is always there for her no matter what.

Sep 10
A dog named Lassi

Riley moves to a new city and meets a man walking his dog, Lassi. She soon discovers that he has a secret past and that she may not be the only one with secrets .

Aug 28
Dogs are now declared rulers of the world

Harry moves to the country and falls in love with the local vet, Sarah. When his dog, Benji, gets sick, Sarah helps him. Harry opens up to Sarah about his late wife and she realizes there's more to him than meets the eye.

Aug 05
what a dog would say if it could speak

There are many benefits to owning a dog, including companionship, exercise, and protection. However, there are also some drawbacks, such as the cost of care and the time commitment required. When choosing a dog, it is important to select a breed that is compatible with your lifestyle and personality. Training is also essential to ensure that your dog is well-behaved.

A dog that won the Olympics

Riley, a high school track star, adopts her father's dog after he dies and trains it to run with her. With the dog's help, she overcomes her grief and wins the state track meet.

Jul 08
Lassie: The Hero Dog

Lassie is a loyal and heroic dog who is always there to help her human family and friends.