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Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Creatures

Maya and Lucky's Prehistoric Adventures

Maya and her dinosaur friend Lucky go on a series of adventures together, until they are finally discovered by a group of hunters. Maya must protect Lucky from being captured, and eventually decides to release him back into the wild.

Dinosaurs in the Woods

When a storm strands Jenna and her dog in her family's cabin, they discover a hidden world of dinosaurs that have been living in the woods for years. Jenna and Max must find a way to co exist with these prehistoric creatures if they want to make it through the storm alive.

Sarah and Freddy's Dino Adventures

A young girl named Sarah finds a mysterious egg in the forest and takes it home, not knowing what's inside. As the egg starts to hatch, Sarah is in for a big surprise when a baby dinosaur pops out! She quickly becomes friends with the dino and names him Freddy. Together, they go on all kinds of adventures and learn about the world around them.

Dinny and Lily's Cretaceous Adventures

Dinny the Dinosaur is a young Triceratops who gets into trouble because he is so curious. One day, he gets lost and is found by a group of humans who take him back to their village. Dinny is scared at first, but he soon learns that humans are not so different from him. He even makes a best friend, a little girl named Lily. Together , they have all kinds of adventures.

Dinny the Dinosaur: A Stormy Adventure

Dinny the dinosaur is always getting into trouble, but he uses his resourcefulness to find his way back home during a terrible storm. Along the way he meets new friends, and learns that he is special even though he is different from everyone else.

The Secret Dinosaur

Sarah discovers a mysterious egg in the forest which hatches into a baby dinosaur. She must keep him a secret from her family and the rest of the world, but when he starts to grow too big to hide, Sarah must find a way to keep him safe before it's too late.

Dinosaur Digs With Grandpa

When Jack's parents go away on vacation, he's not too thrilled to be stuck with his grandparents. But then he finds out that his grandpa is a paleontologist, and he takes him on a trip to dig up dinosaurs bones. Jack is soon immersed in the exciting world of paleontology, and he even gets to name a new species of dinosaur that they discover. He learns that there's a lot more to these ancient creatures than he ever imagined, and he can't wait to go on another dig with his grandpa.

Josie's Dinosaur Adventure

Josie is thrilled to go on a field trip to a dinosaur museum, where she learns all about fossils and even helps with a real excavation.