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Shannon and the Cows

Shannon and her family move from the city to a farm, and Shannon falls in love with the cows. She spends her days helping with chores and caring for the cows, and even gives them names. When her family moves again, Shannon is heartbroken but takes comfort in knowing the cows will always be in her heart.

Bessie the Curious Cow

Bessie the cow is born different from the other cows on the farm. She has a desire to learn and experience more, so she befriends the farmer's daughter, Sarah. Together they explore the world beyond the farm and have all kinds of adventures. Bessie never forgets what it means to be a cow.

Daisy the Cow's City Adventure

Daisy the cow is born different from all the other cows on the farm. While they all spend their days mooing and chewing cud, Daisy loves to read books and dream of faraway places. When her curiosity gets the best of her, Daisy wanders off the farm in search of adventure. She meets a group of cows who live in the city, and they show her around. Daisy quickly realizes that she doesn't belong on the farm, and decides to stay in the city with her new friends.

Bessie's Story

The story follows the life of a cow named Bessie, from birth to death. We see Bessie grow up on the farm, playing with her friends and learning about the world around her. As she gets older, Bessie has calves of her own and becomes a mother. Eventually, Bessie's health starts to decline and she is put down on the farm. The story ends with Bessie's spirit watching over her friends and family, still on the farm.

Old Bessie And The Farmer's Daughter

When Old Bessie the cow goes to the pasture to lie down, she doesn't get back up. The farmer's daughter, Daisy, is sad to see her favorite cow lying there motionless, but she spends the day with her anyway, telling her all about her day and what's going on in the world. As the sun sets, Daisy says goodbye to her friend, promising to visit her again tomorrow.

Bessie's New Home

Bessie the cow is sad to leave her farm home, but she soon learns to love her new home.